Since our beginning in 1978, Scribner Plastics has strived to maintain quality and dependability of our products by hiring an experienced design staff, conducting rigorous testing, and using time-tested production techniques.


Scribner quality has become the standard of the motorsports industry; demanded by professional racers in NASCAR, Indy Car, SCCA, NHRA and virtually every other category of professional racing. Our customers depend on us for the best and most durable in plastic products.


We have been particularly proud of the expansion of our product lines to serve the automotive industry and aftermarket. In 1998, we received the Chrysler Honors Environmental Excellence Recognition (CHEER) award, honoring suppliers who produced the best returnable and reusable containers.  These containers are now an industry standard.


For any plastics project, industrial, commercial or agricultural, our expert design staff will be pleased to assist you with design and development for virtually any application.

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