Part # 4150

The 4150  Carburetor Container is designed around the popular 4150 series Holley carb.  Carb attaches to the container base with the carb mounting flange.  The cover bolts on for a secure enclosure.  Containers are stackable.  The base can also be used as a handy stand for working on the carburetor.


Part # 5199

The 5199 Rear End 3rd Member Container will fir the Ford 9" third member for storage or shipment.  3rd member bolts securely to the base and cover bolts on for shipment or storage.  Also available  with out the cover.  There are also versions for the Toyota 3rd members, part #5196 for Tundra  & 5197.  Containers can be stacked up to 3 high.


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