The Survival Trio 5 gallon jugs bring a new dimension to the outdoor world.  The Trio of jugs combine the superior qualities of our popular Utility Jugs but added benefits just for the outdoor enthusiast.  The Water Jug, Camo Themed Explorer Jug and the Desert Jug are molded from Ultra Heavy Duty BPA free FDA Polyethylene.  The Survival Trio is suitable for potable water or food storage.  Fluids, grain or kibble easily dispense from the centered funnel top 2 3/4"(68mm) opening.  Ultra Heavy Duty Lid is complete with polyethylene gasket and 3/4"NPT plug for accessory attachment.  Vent in handle allows air to enter jug when dispensing contents.  Survival Trio jugs are covered by a five year limited warranty.

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